001-5 3079B Alligator Original Chopper (Black Edition)
6x6 mm (1/4")

  • $38.99

The Alligator Chopper cuts sticks and cubes measuring 6 x 6 mm (1/4") and is perfect for chopping onions, fruit, and vegetables, for dishes such as french fries and Julienne. The Alligator Chopper is delivered with a collector that cleverly collects what you have chopped.

  • Alligator uses the best steel in the world, imported from Korea to cleanly slice and dice vegetables, garlic, onions fruit, and much more

  • The patented Swedish design makes cleanup a breeze, as you simply pop off the cleaning screen and put under the sink.

  • This chopper’s cutting guides gives perfectly straight cuts every single time you use it

  • Our steel blades will outlast our competitors, giving you years of precision vegetable chopping

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